Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel Track Set

Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel Track Set
MRP.   1499
Our Price   1350

Age Group :  5+
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Product Code :  BGJ50

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Do you have what it takes to make a huge jump and keep racing, or will you drop into the steel trap and be left in the dust? The Double Jump Duel is the ultimate in speed, competition and head-to-head action. This high stakes track set features a fair start that ensures no one jumps the gun. With matching launchers, each vehicle shoots out onto a huge, dual lame jump. Tackle the element of skill by landing the huge double jump to the upper level. The winner triggers the loser`s perilous drop into a steel trap, ending their race! Connects to other tracks, so kids can build the ultimate Hot Wheels system and keep the high speed, competitive action going. Includes one die-cast 1:64 vehicle.

Seller: Mattel Toys(India) Private Limited